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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Friday, June 2, 2017

Competition Time on TrekFest!

TrekFest Selfie Competition
To celebrate TrekFest’s fifth birthday we’re offering you lovely folk the chance to win £100 credit on your next challenge of a lifetime!

All you have to do is send us your best TrekFest selfie whilst on TrekFest The Beacons this weekend and tweet us using the #TrekFest to be in with a chance to win, or upload the picture onto the Global Adventure Challenges Facebook page – be sure to use #TrekFest though!

The prize draw will be take place on Monday 5th June and the winner will be contacted via social media.

Good luck folks…now strike a pose!

#TrekFest #BelieveYouCan

Terms and conditions:

1. The £100 credit is for an individual winner (that posted the image) and can not be split across multiple registrations
2. The winner can choose to use the credit against any open challenge organised by Global Adventure Challenges
3. The winner will be notified on Monday 5th June 2017 via Facebook or Twitter
4. Credit can not be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount
5. Credit has no alternative cash value
6. If the cost of the registration fee is less than the credit offered, no monetary difference will be paid
7. The winner must redeem their credit within 4 months
8. The credit can be used to pay towards an outstanding challenge balance if the Winner is already registered on a challenge
9. The discounted registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable as per our usual terms & conditions

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

12 Dos and Don’ts on TrekFest

  1. Do use Zinc tape to prevent blisters

    The most common problem for our trekkers on TrekFest is blisters. If you know that you are prone to blisters then take action before you start walking, better than treating blisters is to prevent them. A popular method is to bind your feet with zinc oxide tape in the areas you get blisters and/ or hot spots, and it’s important to think about which direction the pressure that caused it will be coming from. During the challenge if you get any signs of chafing, hot spots or you get a fully formed blister, stop and deal with it as soon as possible. Carrying on will only make things worse and compromise your chances of completing the challenge.

  2. Don’t wear brand new trekking boots

    Ok this may sound obvious but you’d be surprised how many trekkers bring brand new unworn trekking boots to wear on the challenge – this is a big no no. It’s important to break in your boots in your training ahead of the challenge so that they adapt to the shape of your feet making them more comfortable for the trek. There’s nothing worse than being half way up a mountain to realise your boots don’t fit properly and are uncomfortable – so get a good pair of boots and start clocking up those miles during your training. Don’t let your boots let you down on the day, head to a specialist walking shop such as Cotswold Outdoor (don’t forget you get 15% OFF as a TrekFest participant!) and let them recommend the best boot for your type of footing.

  3. Do say hi to other trekkers

    TrekFest brings together thousands of like-minded individuals from all walks of life, so there’s no doubt you will meet new people. The camaraderie between our trekkers is second to none, from sharing jokes, stories of why they’re taking part, to offering a helping hand – we’re all one big team on TrekFest. Not only will you make memories to last a lifetime but you’ll make friends too. Many of our TrekFesters that meet on TrekFest go on to do other challenges together, or use TrekFest as an annual reunion to catch up with friends whilst helping make a difference. We’ve even had a TrekFest wedding and baby! Two of our participants met on TrekFest, got married and the rest is history…

  4. Don’t forget to keep hydrated and well fuelled whilst on the trek

    A great rule of thumb for TrekFest is to eat little and often, and make sure you drink regularly even if you may not be that thirsty. There will be a check point with drinks and snacks every 12-16km so take the time to have a break and refuel before continuing on the trek. It’s important to remember if you are thirsty whilst on the challenge this means you are already mildly dehydrated, so be sure to drink water regularly to keep hydrated.

  5. Do bring your trainers

    Try alternating between your trekking boots and trainers whilst on the trek, remember your feet are your best friends on the trek so it’s vital to look after them and keep them happy! Alternating footwear will prevent the same pressure points being rubbed giving your feet a break and preventing blisters. We recommend only using trainers on flat parts of the trek as you will need the extra support that trekking boots provide on the uneven parts and when ascending peaks.

  6. Don’t let your choice in underwear spoil the day

    Yes you may laugh but we’re 100% serious here – avoid cotton underwear if possible. The biggest factor in avoiding chafing is your underwear. Your underwear is in continual and direct contact with your skin, if you are going to have problems, that’s usually where they start. If possible, buy moisture wicking sports underwear. The material will be better and the seams will be sewn and located in a way that will minimize friction and rubbing. They will also draw moisture away from the skin and dry much quicker than cotton meaning you’ll be able to walk longer and more comfortably – happy days!

  7. Do layer up

    When walking it’s always best to adopt a layering system to your clothing. This ensures that you can adapt quickly to the weather and changes to your body temperature – do remember this is the UK, it’s common to have a variety of weather all in one day so be prepared for all occasions! The layering systems works as follows: Base Layer – this layer will draw moisture away from the skin. Cotton should be avoided as it holds moisture, takes a long time to dry and can make you cold. Synthetic fibres, such as polypropylene and polyester work the best. Your base layer should be relatively close fitting but still comfortable (The TrekFest Performance t shirt is a perfect base layer for the trek!) Mid Layer – this layer is to help keep you warm, it does this by trapping air between the fibres. Fleece is great at doing this and makes an ideal breathable layer. Then finally an Outer Layer – this layer should be a waterproof, but breathable jacket with taped seams. Hat and Gloves – whilst you might not need them when walking when you stop it’s always a good idea to put on a hat and gloves to retain body heat. If walking in exposed areas, wind can play a significant part in lowering the temperature and you will be grateful of being able to pop on a warm hat!.

  8. Don’t forget your mobile phone (…and make sure it’s fully charged!)

    Whilst some of you may take the opportunity to leave technology behind and enjoy the great outdoors it’s essential that you bring your mobile phone and have it on you at all times during the trek for health and safety regulations. We recommend bringing a power bank so you can charge your phone along the route or at the Event Village (especially useful if you are camping). Also we’re sure you’ll want to take the odd photo on route to look back on and remember your fantastic achievement!

  9. Do bring a favourite snack to enjoy on route

    Whilst we supply refreshments and a hot meal, why not bring some of your favourite snacks to enjoy. Whilst we don’t recommend bars of chocolate if the weather is predicted to be hot, it’s nice to have something you really enjoy to look forward to eating en route…a favourite of ours are jelly beans! Not only great for energy but they’re delicious too!

  10. Don’t forget that socks are just as important as your footwear

    Always wear good quality socks with your boots. Try on your boots with the socks that you will be wearing on the challenge to ensure comfort and fit prior to the challenge. If your socks do not fit correctly they can cause just as much discomfort, even if your boots are well fitted. If you can, spend money on socks that fit perfectly, and also work well in the wet. As with your boots go and ask the experts at your local outdoor shop as there are many different types available. Socks made out of wool or any other natural materials are ideal as they are great for drawing moisture away from the skin and are quick drying, therefore, less likely to give you blisters. Make sure that they fit you nice and snug and pay particular attention to the areas around the heel and toes. Also, ensure that they don’t slip down whilst you are walking!

  11. Do embrace nature whilst on the trek

    Ok we have to go there – toilets. Whilst we endeavour to provide toilets at each checkpoint sometimes due to the location of the checkpoint some may not have facilities available. So find your private spot and be one with nature folks…

  12. Don’t worry about a thing – our awesome TrekFest crew have got you covered

    From sweep walkers, marshals en-route, checkpoint staff, vehicle support staff, finish line welcome party, food caterers, the staff at the TrekFest bar to all the team on TrekFest – they’re all there routing for you to cross the finish line, complete the challenge and enter the legion of TrekFesters!

So believe in you and commit. Choose a route. Trek with passion. Make a difference.

If you’re already signed up to TrekFest we hope these 12 handy do’s and don’ts help prepare for the challenge ahead, don’t forget a full comprehensive training guide is also available on the participant area, and if you’re not already signed up what are you waiting for?! Sign up to take on the UK’s ultimate trekking challenge and achieve something incredible in 2017!

Request a brochure to find out more about TrekFest 2017, or you canregister here.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trek For Less On TrekFest!

Great news folks, we’re offering £10 OFF all registration fees for TrekFest on sign ups made between Thursday 9th and Thursday 23rd February 2017. Use discount code FB10 via the online booking system to receive your discount.

So grab your boots and let’s get trekking…

Register now or request a brochure for more information.

*T’s & C’s Apply

1. Registrations must be made online using code FB10, offer available until 23rd Feb 2017
2. Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount
3. Discounts have no alternative cash value
4. All discounted registrations fees are non-refundable and non-transferable as per our usual terms & conditions
5. Standard Terms and Conditions Apply.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Walk to a happier healthier you in 2017.

Walking is a fantastic low impact exercise with many benefits. Here’s our top 6 reasons to don your walking boots and get walking this year…

  1. Walking makes you happy

    Exercising really does help boost your mood as feel-good endorphins are released whilst you exercise which helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels. It’s also you time, a chance to switch off from technology and let your mind wonder and relax.

  2. Walking helps you get fit

    Getting fit isn’t all about what the scales say, being fit and healthy is a state of mind in terms of confidence as much as it is being and feeling fit. Walking for 30 minutes a day at an average pace of 2mph you can burn approximately 90 calories (this can be more depending on your weight), upping your speed to 3mph you can burn well over 120 calories (again this is dependent on your weight). Try and work a short walk into your daily routine, get out of the office on your lunch for a brisk walk – it all adds up and the pounds will soon drop off.

  3. Walking gives you energy

    The more you exercise the more energy you have, meaning the more you can get done and achieve in a day – yay! A short brisk walk is one of the best natural energisers around as it boosts your circulation and increases the oxygen supply to your blood cells helping you to feel more awake and alive.

  4. Walking can help you discover new places

    The UK has picturesque national parks and countryside’s in abundance, many of which are right under our nose. (TrekFest takes place in two of the most majestic parks, The Brecon Beacons and The Peak District!) So make the most of the great outdoors during your walking and discover new places.

  5. Walking boosts vitamin D

    Health officials are now recommending that we take a daily vitamin D supplement as many UK residents are vitamin D deficient. By getting outdoors and walking more you’ll be increasing your vitamin D intake to aid healthy bones and your immune system.

  6. Walking starts the conversation

    Acquiring a walking buddy is a great way to keep up the walking as you can support and motivate each other, but not only this it’s also a great opportunity to catch up with a friend or family member without distractions. You’ll also find that whilst out and about walking other walkers say hello to one another.

Inspiring campaigns such as Country Walking’s ‘Walk 1000 miles challenge in a year’ are fantastic as they are motivating more and more people to get off the sofa and get outdoors, and taking part in TrekFest will definitely help you on your way to clocking up those 1000 miles! (approx. 25km = 15.5 miles/ 50km = 31 miles) So join us for an epic trekking weekend and take on the TrekFest challenge. Request a brochure to find out more about TrekFest 2017, or you canregister here.

See you on the start line folks…

Thursday, November 17, 2016

There’s No ‘I’ in Team or TrekFest!

Team work plays a massive part in TrekFest but this doesn’t mean you can’t participate on your own.

Plenty of individuals sign up to take on the TrekFest Challenge, but no body actually treks alone (unless they really want to!) Everyone taking part in TrekFest makes up one huge team, from the moment you all stand on the start line, you’re in it together with the same goal in mind – to cross the finish line and claim your finisher’s medal.

The camaraderie between TrekFesters is second to none, from chatting away sharing stories and jokes, giving hugs and motivational pep talks when they’re needed the most, to offering a helping hand – all trekkers support one another.

Don’t forget the TrekFest crew will be popping up along the trek offering support and to keep you going when the going gets tough!

TrekFesters say its life changing with team spirit flying high from beginning to end, you’ll make friends and memories to last a lifetime whilst achieving something incredible.

Don’t delay, register today…

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

TrekFest Armband Amnesty Raises £400!

Three men showing armbandsWe’re delighted to announce that this year’s TrekFest armband amnesty helped raise £400 for Morgans Vest charitable cause. To find out more about Morgans Vest and how the money raised will massively help improve a young child’s life please visit their GoFundMe or Facebook page here.

A massive thank you to all the TrekFesters that returned their challenge armbands which allowed us to donate to this great cause.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

5 Reasons To Take On TrekFest.

Two men trekking

Whether you’re a seasoned TrekFester or brand new to TrekFest here’s 5 reasons to take on the TrekFest Challenge.

Challenge yourself
It’s time to see what you’re really made of and push yourself beyond your comfort zone. TrekFest challenges you mentally and physically to help you go beyond your limits and realise your potential.

Get your team together
Whether its friends, family or work colleagues what better way to bond than taking on a challenge together – helping each other through the highs and lows, sharing laughs and making memories to last a lifetime.

Unbeatable support
The TrekFest crew will be going above and beyond to help you cross the finish line, from motivational pep talks to walking with you side by side – we’re there to support you.

Get outdoors
There are so many benefits of walking, stay healthy, boost your self-esteem and mood, refresh your mind, and enhance your social life, we could go on…

Make every step count
Got a cause close to your heart? Want to give back? On TrekFest you can raise money to support the charity of your choice and help make a real difference.

Why wait till the New Year to set yourself a challenge? Sign up for TrekFest 2017 now – the sooner you sign up, the sooner you can start training and fundraising!

Charity Partners

British Heart Foundation Institute of Cancer Research Dementia UK