Welcome to TrekFest 2015

A tough challenge for even tougher trekkers!

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Choose from two payment options:

Payment Option A –
Minimum Sponsorship
Payment Option B –

Registration Fee + Minimum Sponsorship

54 mile - £50 + £440 per person

29/27 mile - £40 + £280 per person

13 mile - £30 + £120 per person

You pay the registration fee and in addition, you commit to raising the minimum sponsorship as shown above. 50% of the fundraising target (either £220, £140 or £60) must be received by your chosen charity no later than 6 weeks prior to the challenge. At this time, your chosen charity will pay the cost of the challenge (54 mile = £110, 29 mile = £70 or 13 mile = £30) from your minimum sponsorship. The other 50% and pledges for the remaining sponsorship must be sent to your charity no later than 4 weeks after completion of the event.

Registration Fee + Challenge Balance

54 mile - £50 + £110 =
Total Cost £160 per person

29/27 mile - £40 + £70 =
Total Cost £110 per person

13 mile - £30 + £30 =
Total Cost £60 per person

You pay the registration fee AND the challenge balance. 6 weeks prior to the event an invoice will be sent to you for the challenge balance shown above. Although there is no minimum sponsorship requirement, we do ask you to raise funds for a charity of your choice.


Individuals - simply complete all the fields, create your account, choose your payment option, choose your charity and pay your registration fee.

Teams - if you are the first person to register in your team, then you will be automatically selected as the 'Team Captain' and create the team’s account. You are securing your team’s place on the event and are responsible for paying the registration fee for each team member. The Team Captain is responsible for submitting the personal details of other team members – this can be done now, or at a later stage. To register other team members now you will need their:

  • Email Address
  • Name
  • Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Date of Birth

Please select a document to download

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